Fiber Curio and Sundries, LLC
Whether you are a spinner, a knitter, or just love
 handmade objects, we have something special
  for you.

We started our fiber business, Fiber Curio and
Sundries, in 2012. We share a common love of
fiber used in a wide variety of applications and a commitment to promoting locally-grown, sustainable fibers. The majority of fibers we use are natural fibers because they are comfortable, take dye easily, and are sustainable. Whenever possible, the fibers we buy to produce our handspun yarns and hand-felted products are US grown from small producers.

We hope you enjoy the wide variety of textures and colors in the fibers we use. We hand dye our wool, mohair, angora, silk, and other fibers using both natural and acid-fast chemical dyes. Our spinning and felting fibers represent things we like to spin and felt with. Whether dyed, woven, knitted, handspun, crocheted, or felted, these items represent total involvement from our hands to you.